Advice from a GP

Dr Hilton Koppe is a general practitioner in New South Wales with an interest in doctor's health and medical education. Dr Koppe has experienced his own health and personal care struggles as a doctor and to assist others in a similiar situation and to help you prepare for your journey to becoming a GP, has provided advice to help prevocational doctors to establish good habits early on, and have a successful and fulfilling career and life. Read Dr Koppe's advice from a GP.

Fatigue management

Learning how to avoid and manage fatigue is essential to your health and safety. Fatigue is an acute state of tiredness that can lead to mental and physical exhaustion and prevent you from functioning normally. Visit the Fatigue Management page for advice on how to deal with fatigue.

Support services

GPN has put together a list of support services for those times when you need help with your own health issues. View the list of support services available to you.

Wellbeing checklist

Through numerous writings and discussions on the topic, it has become apparent that many doctors do not take good care of their own health and wellness. But it is vital that prevocational doctors do self care, and seek help and support when they need it. Find out more on the wellbeing checklist

Workplace bullying

If you are being bullied at work GPN offers clear guidelines and advice on how to deal with it. Workplace bullying is a serious issue that can impact your health, wellbeing and your career. Don’t allow this to happen to you. Check out the workplace bullying page for advice and information.