What is a Regional Training Organisation (RTO)?

  • An organisation created to deliver the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) program within a specific geographical region.
  • Provides vocational training to qualified doctors seeking to be GPs.
  • There are currently 9 accredited RTOs across Australia.


Is each RTO different?

Yes and no.

  • Each RTO provides training programs based on the same AGPT and college standards and requirements.
  • Each RTO supports GP registrars' formal training with an individual learning plan, guidance and monitoring by medical education staff and GP supervisors in the practice environment.
  • As individual organisations, the RTPs cover different regions and communities, so each has their own characteristics, style and experiences to offer GP registrars.

Before applying to enter the AGPT program check that your preferred RTOs can provide training for the pathway, fellowships, training posts and special interests that you want to pursue. Also discuss with them any particular needs or expectations you have about the way you will organise your training program.

How are the RTOs allocated?

When applying for the AGPT program, you will be asked to nominate and rank in order of preference the RTOs in which you are willing to train. Eligible applicants are allocated to RTOs based on their application and assessment ranking, training preferences and availability of training places.

Where are the RTOs based?

RTOs are based in regions throughout Australia. To view a map showing the location of each RTO and for further information, please visit the AGPT website.