To apply for general practice training, there are certain eligibility standards that must be met. Depending on your choice of pathway and your personal circumstances, these requirements may differ.

Eligibility for the AGPT program

To enter the AGPT program you must be eligible in four core areas, within timeframes that fit with the application cycle. The criteria are:

  1. Citizenship or permanent residency
  2. Medical qualifications
  3. Medical registration
  4. Training program registration.

The first year of general practice training takes place in a hospital-based setting. Prevocational doctors can apply to the general practice training program as an intern and undertake their second year (RMO1) as part of the training.

Permanent and temporary residents who are eligible to enter the AGPT program should note that the training program requires you to change employers. You will need a valid visa that allows you to fulfil this requirement of the program, so check that your visa does not prevent or restrict changing employer.

Which AGPT pathway can I choose?

AGPT offers two pathways within general practice training, either a general or rural pathway. More information on training pathways can be found here.

Doctors who trained overseas, or who were born overseas and did not hold Australian or New Zealand citizenship or permanent residency when they commenced their Australian or New Zealand medical degree, may have their choice of pathway restricted to the rural pathway and may also be affected by the 10-year moratorium.

Eligibility for the remote vocational training scheme

The Remote Vocational Training Scheme (RVTS) trains GP registrars working in rural and remote locations, where accessing mainstream training is impractical.

To be eligible to apply for RVTS, you must either:

  • be currently working in a remote location; or
  • have an arrangement in place to be working in a remote location during general practice training.

Visit the RVTS website for detailed eligibility criteria.

Eligibility for the specialist pathway

The Specialist Pathway program provides a pathway for international medical graduates (IMGs) to obtain fellowship from the RACGP or ACRRM based on an assessment of their previous training and experience in general practice. This provides an opportunity for IMGs who want to work in Australia while making a positive contribution to the healthcare of the Australian community.

Visit the RACGP website for detailed eligibility criteria.

Visit the ACRRM website for detailed eligibility criteria.

Eligibility for ACRRM independent pathway

The ACRRM Independent Pathway will suit experienced practitioners who prefer self-directed learning. This is a full-fee paying pathway that is a flexible way for registrars to meet the requirements for vocational competency in general practice and to attain fellowship of ACRRM.

Visit the ACRRM website for detailed eligibility criteria.