General practice training acronyms

GPET, AGTP, RTPs, AGPN, DoH, GPRIP: so many acronyms! So what do they all stand for?

Acronyms and abbreviations abound in the language of general practice.

Browse our jargon busting acronym and abbreviations guide to crack the code.


AAAPC The Australian Association for Academic Primary Care (formerly AAAGP)
AAPM Australian Association of Practice Managers
ACIR Australian Childhood Immunisation Register
ACRRM Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine - One of two general practice colleges. Has a curriculum of educational objectives for rural GPs and a fellowship process for vocational recognition.​
AFP Australian Family Physician - The official peer reviewed journal of the RACGP.
AGPAL Australian General Practice Accreditation Ltd - This organisation completes accreditation of practices throughout Australia. Speak to your practice manager for further information.
AGPN Australian General Practice Network - The national body that represents the divisions. Previously Australian Divisions of General Practice.
AGPT Australian General Practice Training - The training program for GP registrars.
AIDA Australian Indigenous Doctors Association
AKT Applied Knowledge Test - A component of the RACGP Fellowship exam.

Australian Medical Publishing Company - Register to get a free subscription to Medicine Today, Australian Doctor and Medical Observer. Visit


Australian Medical Association - An independent organisation that represents the professional interests of all doctors including political, legal and industrial.

AMH Australian Medicines Handbook
AMSA Australian Medical Students Association
ARSP Advanced rural skills post




CMO Career medical officer


DHAS Doctors Health Advisory Service

Department of Health - The Commonwealth Government Department responsible for health.

DVA Department of Veterans Affairs


EBM Evidence-based medicine
ECT External clinical teacher


FACRRM Fellow of the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine
FARGP Fellowship in Advanced Rural General Practice
FRACGP Fellow of The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners


GPET General Practice Education and Training Limited - Government limited company which funds and contracts with RTPs.
GPR General practice registrar; GP registrar
GPRA General Practice Registrars Australia Ltd - A Board of directors and an Advisory Council made up of RLOs from every RTO. Represents GP registrar issues to AGPT, RACGP, DoH and many other bodies involved in training. Membership is currently free. Find out more about GPRA.
GPRIP General Practice Rural Incentives Program
GPSA General Practice Supervisors Association



Health Insurance Commission - Now known as Medicare Australia.

HMO Hospital medical officer
HWA Health Workforce Australia



International medical graduate - Also known as OTDs (overseas trained doctors). GP registrars who are IMGs/OTDs may be subject to the 10-year moratorium.



JAC Joint Advisory Committee
JCC Joint Consultative Committee



Key Feature Problems - A component of the RACGP Fellowship exam.




MBS Medicare Benefits Schedule
ME and TA

Medical educators and training advisors - Give advice and guidance about your training.

MCQs Multiple choice questions (a component of the RACGP Fellowship exam)



National GP Supervisors Association - Not to be confused with the SLON (Supervisor Liaison Officer Network), although they are essentially same people. NGSPA is the GPRA equivalent for supervisors. They undertake an advocacy role for supervisors, particularly in terms and conditions negotiations.


National Prescribing Service - A Commonwealth Government-funded organisation that provides independent information on the prescription and use of various medications. Resources and case studies for GP registrars can be found at

NRHSN National Rural Health Students Network



Objective Structured Clinical Examination - A component of the RACGP Fellowship exam.

OTC Over-the-counter

Overseas trained doctor - see IMG - Also known as IMGs (international medical graduates). May be subject to the 10-year moratorium.


PBS Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme/Pharmaceutical Benefits Schedule
PIP Practice Incentives Program


QI&CPD Quality improvement and continuing professional development



Royal Australian College of General Practitioners - One of two general practice colleges. Has a fellowship process for vocational recognition. RACGP also offers a Fellowship in Advanced Rural General Practice (FARGP).

RACGP Library RACGP members can access the full suite of services provided by the RACGP John Murtagh Library. Non-members can access some services for a fee. Visit
RACGP State Censor A Fellow of the RACGP in each state. Checks that the GP registrar has completed training requirements for the awarding of Fellowship of the RACGP.

Rural Doctors Association Australia - Has state branches. Represents rural doctor issues to government and other organisations.

RDL Registrar-directed learning
RFDS Royal Flying Doctors Service
RHWA Rural Health Workforce Australia

Registrar liaison officer - Employed by an RTP to represent and advocate for GP registrars.

RMO Resident medical officer
RPBS Repatriation Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme/Repatriation Pharmaceutical Benefits Schedule
RROC Registrar Representative on Council
RRADO Registrar Research and Development Officer
RSRF Registrar Scholarship and Research Fund

Regional Training Organisation - RTOs tender for contracts from GPET to provide regionalised GP training.



State-based (divisional) organisation - A state-funded organisation, not always directly linked to ADGP or individual divisions. Provides educational activities.

SIP Service Incentive Payment

Supervisor liaison officer - Employed by an RTP to represent and advocate for GP supervisors.


TA Training advisor
TGA Therapeutic Goods Administration
TMO Trainee medical officer


UGPA United General Practice Australia


VMO Visiting medical officer
VR Vocational registration; vocational recognition


WONCA World Organization of National Colleges, Academies and Academic Associations of General Practitioners/Family Physicians

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