Why choose general practice?

Want the fast facts on general practice? Here are seven compelling reasons to love it as your future profession.

Every day is different

Ask any GP registrar if general practice is all coughs and colds or ‘tears and smears’ and they'll probably laugh and say "if only".

The diversity of patients and medical presentations is one of the most enjoyable aspects for many GPs who thrive on the variety and thrill of not knowing what will come through the door next.

Intellectually stimulating

As the first point-of-contact, one of the most challenging, but also the most rewarding and satisfying roles of a GP is diagnosing medical presentations. Every day as a GP you will use all the knowledge you learnt at medical school, not just a small part of it. It's a daily brainteaser that will never let you get bored.

Special interest? Sub-specialise!

At any one time there are numerous GP registrars in special skills posts pursuing their interest in paediatrics, anaesthesia, emergency medicine, academia and many others. The GP training program offers all GP registrars an opportunity to pursue a sub-specialty of their choice. Find out more about career options.

Want a balanced life?

As a GP you decide where you work and what hours, tailoring your workload to suit your stage of life and career.

Money, money money!

GPs are well remunerated, usually without the long working hours faced by other specialties. You'll also find that there are some lucrative financial incentives for GP to work in areas where there is a shortage of doctors – typically rural areas. Even if you decide to be metro-based, you can be assured you'll be well rewarded. Find out how much you could earn as a GP with our Earnings Calculator.

Supportive training, supportive workplace

Solo GPs are becoming a thing of the past, with many practices employing several doctors, as well as practice managers and practice nurses, allowing you to do what you do best, in a supportive, interactive environment. During your GP training you are always supported by experienced GP supervisors and medical educators from your training provider. Find out more about training providers.

Wherever you want to go, general practice can take you there

Fancy spending the winter as a ship's doctor in Antarctica or treating the kids to a summer on an island in the Great Barrier Reef? Do you want to pursue a research interest at the same time as providing primary care? Or are you after trying something different like flying around Australia treating medical emergencies? Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do, general practice can take you there. Find out more about general practice career options.