The earning power of GP registrars and GPs is excellent when you consider the flexibility and work-life balance of the profession.

GP registrar salaries

Full-time GP registrars work a minimum of 38 hours a week. This includes education time and administration time. The actual hours of consulting (seeing patients) are usually between 27 and 33 hours a week. This can vary, especially in rural areas.

Registrars can choose a set salary model or negotiate a percentage of income generated by the patients they see in the practice. In this case, remuneration is determined by how many patients are seen and whether there is bulk-billing or private billing.

Minimum terms and conditions

During the first two general practice terms (or ACRRM equivalent), GP registrars are guaranteed minimum terms and conditions of employment according to the National Minimum Terms and Conditions (NMTC) document agreed by GPRA and the National General Practice Supervisors’ Association (NGPSA). Minimum salary rates are set out in the table, or alternatively the registrar is paid a minimum of 44.79% of gross billings, whichever is greater.

2013 training year minimum salaries

plus 9.5% superannuation

  Annual salary Weekly salary
GP term 1 registrar $72,760.00 $1,399.00
GP term 2 registrar $87,476.00 $1,682.00


Different remuneration systems

On-call and hospital VMO work earn GP registrars a minimum of 55% of the hospital billings. In certain settings, registrars may work in salaried practice, especially Australian Defence Force registrars, those in Aboriginal Medical Services and some rural and remote hospitals that also provide general practice services to the community. It is important to note that working in rural areas, doing procedural work and working as a hospital VMO tend to attract significantly higher incomes. However, even in urban areas, GP registrars often earn more than what is stipulated in the NMTC document. For GP registrars and GPs practising in rural areas and identified areas of need, incentive payments are available on top of a regular salary.

What established GPs earn

Established GPs can earn good money, with the actual amount dependent on the nature of the practice and hours worked. In addition, there is the opportunity to run your own medical practice if you choose. All this with flexible hours and choice of practice style!

Calculate your income online

Our online Earnings Calculator allows you to estimate your individual earning potential based on the type of GP you want to be.