Next steps

Interested in general practice as a career? As a prevocational doctor in the hospital system, there are five simple things that you can do right now to get the show on the road.

Choose the right hospital and rotations

When you apply for your hospital, select a hospital that offers more specialty than subspecialty rotations.

There are rotations and experiences that are considered mandatory preparation for the AGPT program and must be successfully completed before the commencement of the second year of AGPT training (GP terms/primary rural and remote training):

  • Medicine (preferably general medicine but as this is not available in some hospitals, a rotation that offers broad medical experience)
  • General surgery
  • Accident and emergency
  • Paediatrics.

By doing these rotations, you could be eligible for recognition of prior learning (RPL) and be able to fast-track your general practice training. Psychiatry,orthopaedics, geriatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology and anaesthetics are also useful for aspiring GPs.

In addition, each college requires certain other hospital terms and particular courses to be completed, refer to the college websites, and discuss with your regional training provider (RTP).

Connect with the GP Ambassador at your hospital

Your local GP Ambassador will be able to give you valuable information and advice on careers in general practice, and help you navigate through the general practice landscape. Find out who the GP Ambassador in your hospital is, read their profile, and contact them for more information.

Join the Going Places Network

Be a part of the Going Places Network at your hospital. It's free to join, and it's a fun way to find out about careers in general practice and network with others who have similar interests. Find out more about the Going Places Network

Apply for general practice training

You can apply during your internship year to enter the Australian General Practice Training program as a second year postgraduate, or apply during any of the following years of your hospital training. Apply online here. Applications open on 13 April 2015 for the 2016 AGPT program and close on 8 May 2015.