GP myths unmasked

Boring? Badly paid? A second-rate specialty? We object! Our GPs and GP registrars debunk some of those nasty myths about general practice.

Myth 1

It’s all about coughs, colds and referrals to specialists.


“It’s simply untrue. We do a lot of diagnosis. I see a lot of undifferentiated illness, I do caesarean sections, and I do a lot of hands-on work.”

Dr Andrew Pennington
GP, Wallan, VIC

Myth 2

General practice is boring.


“It is by far and away the career that you can be most creative with and the career in which you can enjoy huge variety and flexibility – you can really find your niche. You can work anywhere in Australia and many countries overseas.”

Dr Anne Kleinitz
GP registrar, Darwin, NT

Myth 3

GPs don’t earn much money.


“I remember one of my bosses said to me, ‘Concentrate on the medicine. The money will follow.’ And it has. I am very well remunerated for my work.”

Dr Glenn Pereira
GP, Forbes, NSW

Myth 4

General practice is an easy job.


“This is the hardest job I’ve ever done because you are expected to know everything about everything. With O&G, you focus on mainly the pelvis. With ENT, it’s the head area. But with general practice, it’s the whole body and also lifestyle.”

Dr Danni Gitsham
GP registrar, Gladstone, QLD