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GPN recognises the challenges faced by our medical professionals in managing their finances effectively and ensuring security and prosperity for the future. As every member's needs will differ greatly, GPN has put together this list of providers who are already familiar with wealth creation for medical professionals.

BOQ Specialist logoBOQ Specialist

Provides tailored banking products and services for medical professionals.

Phone: 1300 131 141

Member Offer: As a GPRA member, BOQ Specialist has a range of financial products and services which have been specifically designed to meet your needs at this stage of your journey. From everyday banking to buying a new car, from applying for your first home loan to assistance with purchasing a practice. To find out more about our exclusive offers for GPRA members, click here or visit

Elixir Solutions   Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 3.31.51 PM

At Elixir Solutions Provider Pty Ltd, we recognise that every customer's needs are unique. We listen to your requirements and provide the solution you need. Working closely with our market leading partners, we will deliver quality, cost-effective solutions for small-to-medium size business customers.

Phone:03 8080 0420